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Concealed Carry Weapon Training (meets CA requirement for CCW training)

There are two types of training available today, High Level training and Lowest Common Denominator Training.

High Level training is defined as challenging, difficult, slightly beyond the trainees capability, type of training where everybody does not necessarily "get it" right away; in some cases, never.

Lowest Common Denominator Training (LCDT) being defined as the training that has one simple goal; establish the training difficulty level for the "average" person (and in many cases the level) is actually set at the lowest possible level so that everybody is covered and somehow feels better. With LCDT, everybody can easily understand and achieve the objectives because quite simply it has no depth. Since everybody "gets it"; an underlying assumption of effectiveness is maintained. A false sense of security that the mission can be accomplished is held by the individual or group. LCDT is generally offered and argued for when a regulatory system requires more training than folks are willing to invest to use a better approach.

If you are looking for High Level training you have come to the right place.

Should you be so unfortunate as to be involved in a violent confrontation one person will be injured down on the ground and the other will be walking away. Your choice in this is simple, which one do you choose to be. Due to the live fire portion of this class it is taught one on one.

In a violent confrontation you ARE NOT in a competition, there is no scorekeeper, there is no winner. One person walks away maybe and the other does not. If you are looking for CCW permit to impress your friends or to feel invincible on the freeway, please stop now and look elsewhere because this is not what we teach. On the other hand if you are looking for the skills needed to survive you are at the right place.

If you just want to go to the range and fire rounds down range with a bunch of other people, this is not the course for you. Here at LFT we are going to impart to you the skills, the training, to walk away from a violent encounter, one way or another, whereas the other person(s) involved will not. The classroom day will be a small group of students however on your live fire range day you will be the sole student and will receive the individual attention of the instructor.

If the cost of a course is the driving motivator in your decision, just like buying the least expensive handgun is/was, we are definitely not the course for you. However, if you and your family's safety is your reason for carrying a concealed weapon, this training will give you the skills needed to accomplish your objective.

If you are looking for the skills and training that may someday be required to save your life or that of another, we will impart that to you through an intense and thorough study of the use of deadly force. We do not guarantee that you will pass this course and in order to get our certificate of qualification, you will be required to pass. Passing this course will not guarantee that the issuing agency will permit you to carry a concealed weapon.

If you are serious about not being a victim and want the skills needed to survive the gunfight, this course is for you, whether you obtain your CCW permit or not.

Violence is simple. How simple is it? We can answer that with two more questions:
  1. How can untrained people prevail? And

  2. How is it that untrained people can prevail over trained people?

It is all in the weapon used; the one between your ears, either you have it or you do not and we will provide the training necessary, as it is how we think which leads to how we perform during those few seconds when your life depends on it.

PLEASE NOTE: We can provide instruction for persons who have physical disabilities.

Our CCW Class meets the requirements for Sacramento, San Joaquin, Amador, Yolo, El Dorado as well as other surrounding counties for your CCW training. When you apply for your permit please verify that LFT Certificates of Training will be accepted. We are California POST certified Firearms Instructors as required for instruction in Sacramento and surrounding counties.

Please email today for the specifics of your CCW training and to reserve your space. Our classes are taught individually or in your personal group of friends or family, you will not be in a large group and will receive the full personal attention of the instructor.

Schedule: You must email for dates and locations for this class

By reserving a space in this class you agree that you have read, understand and will abide with the Reservation Policies.

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