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Defensive Marksmanship

This is a perfect class for someone who currently holds a CCW permit but feels their skill set is not where they would like.

There is a primary difference between target/range shooting and defensive shooting, one is done in a very controlled and somewhat stress free environment and the other is not.

While the fundamentals of pistol shooting work well in those controlled environments most of those basic skills if not committed to muscle memory are out the window in defensive use situations.

Competitors know that through many hours of training their trigger finger goes on autopilot the second the buzzer sounds. Many are unsure if they see their sights instead focusing on the target and the smoothness of their actions.

This four hour shooting class is designed as an introductory course in defensive shooting marksmanship skills.

Skills covered:
Presentation from the Holster
Flash Sight Picture
Rapid Fire
Recoil control
Adequate Sight Picture
Speed Draw
Firing under stress
Rapid Fire Accuracy
Point Shooting

Participants in this course should be experienced shooters, showing mastery of the basic skills of safe gun handling. If necessary, this course will put partcipants through a pre-course evaluation exercise, where potential students are asked to demonstrate safe gun handling, shoot a series of five-shot groups.

Participants are expected to show validation of shooting experience by showing an NRA Basic Pistol Course certificate, an NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program certificate, a Pistol qualification card, a DD 214 card with pistol qualification, or a Concealed Carry Permit.

This course is intended for mature law-abiding adults, who have the mindset and seriousness necessary to properly perform the activities in the course. Self-defense is not a topic that lends itself to horseplay and distractions.

Students are responsible for their range fee and ammunition used (approx. 200 rounds).

Tuition is $220 per person for an individual, $190 for two or more.

Schedule: You must call or email for dates and locations for this class

By reserving a space in this class you agree that you have read, understand and will abide with the Reservation Policies.

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