What time of day does violence occur?

When should you be carrying a gun? How about all the time.

Some students look at us strangely when we talk about having a gun within arms reach 24/7, or that we talk about having a gun in the kitchen while we are preparing dinner.

You cannot predict when you will need to protect yourself. You cannot determine that it is 10:00 am or 6:00 pm and therefore I will be safe from asocial violence. Being in your home does not make you safe from violence. You are at risk 24 hours a day.

Recently, only one and a half blocks from here there was a street robbery, two violent criminals pulled guns on an older man walking down the street demanding he give them his phone. When he convinced them he did not have one they took his baseball cap . . . and it could have just easily been they shot him for not having a phone.

The attack in this video occured at 10:00 am in a seemingly safe residential area, the animal kicked in the front door. Had this woman been prepared to defend herself and her family with a gun, training and practice the results would have quite probably been different.


Bottom line, only you can protect yourself, you will never know when violence will come and if you have not received any training you will not know what to do in this situation.


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