Violent Confrontations – in the Transition Zone

With the recent court case in Florida while I believe the verdict was correct, many people on both sides of the debate have asked how this could have happened.

Our greatest risk in our daily movements occurs when we are transitioning from one place to another. Generally speaking when we “are” somewhere we are relatively safe from violent attack assuming we have maintained a reasonable sense of situational awareness. Once we leave those places, moving from one area of relative safety to another we become exposed and are decidedly more vulnerable to attack.

The Zimmerman case is a perfect example of this. While driving in his car there was little chance of being punched in the face, knocked to the ground and having his head slammed on the concrete. Additionally his concealed carry weapon would not have become exposed had Mr. Zimmerman been in his car.

This clearly shows my point, once you leave a position of relative safety your dependence on situational awareness increases exponentially. Since second guessing something from the relative safety of my computer is very easy think of it this way, had Mr. Zimmerman observed the person from his car would any of this had happened? Could Mr. Zimmerman have been able to perform his desired function of watching for suspected criminal activity in the relative safety of his car?

This is not in any way saying we should not be able to go for a stroll on a public street it is only stating what I believe is the obvious. The transition from the car and then back to the car exposes you to risks that to avoid requires a much higher level of awareness. When you carry a gun there is a responsibility to not intentionally put yourself in places that would greatly increase the risk of having to use that gun.

I believe Mr. Zimmerman was in his rights to do what he did, however I do not think he would be in the position he is in today had he instead of transitioning from his car, just drove around, observed, reported and maintained the cover and concealment he had in his car.

Don’t put yourself in harm’s way. It is not your job and the risks rise greatly when you do so.

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