Schools, Schools, Schools

Today in America it seems that there are firearms instructors everywhere so the question one always asks is who is the best. Well that is clearly a subjective opinion and perhaps has as much to do with ambiance as does a fine restaurant. Also it is hard to make a comparison of training if you’ve only been to one place.

I try to go annually with the hopes I will learn something new I can share with my students and I encourage people to take training annually and to take it with different schools/instructors but often picking an instructor is difficult because you don’t know what you are looking for. I wrote a short article on that awhile ago, 7 Questions to Ask When Selecting a Firearms Instructor.  You have to keep in mind that today there are no barriers to entry in the instruction business, any  person can go hang out a shingle and are now a real-life firearm instructor.

Having been to some of these I have my favorite and there is one in particular I really, really want to attend but in the end my questions are; what do I hope to gain from the particular school.

Some of the High Level Training schools in the USA
I.C.E. Training
Lethal Force Institute
Liberty Firearms Training
Rogers Shooting School
Sig Sauer Academy
Suarez International
Thunder Ranch
U.S. Shooting Academy
Vickers Tactical

Sig-Sauer-Academy[1]My favorite of all time . . . Sig Sauer Academy. Outstanding facility, outstanding instructors and curriculum

School I most want to attend . . . . Rogers Shooting School.

My questions . . . have you attended one or more of these? Which ones? What do you feel you got out of it? Would you recommend it to your loved ones? Would you go back? Which one do you have the most interest in attending? and Why?

Liberty Firearms Training


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