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For those who are new to gun ownership and armed self-defense once you have engrained good Fundamentals it is often very difficult to find a place where you can practice. Public ranges do not allow drawing from a holster, moving to and shooting from cover, rapid fire and other techniques many have learned in training. A fundamental truth in the violent encounter is you will perform as you have trained and practiced.

To survive you need to move and shoot, fast and accurately because this is not the OK Corral and you are not Wyatt Earp.

While at the 2014 NSSF SHOT Show we spent a considerable amount of time looking for new tools to either enhance our training programs or new tools to help our students to continue to ingrain good, even life saving habits.

For home practice we found a couple of items that will allow you to draw and shoot, moving to cover and all the while have your shots timed and scored.

First we found a Laser “bullet” that will safely convert your gun to firing a burst of red laser light at a target. The device comes in a variety of set ups so it can fit almost any handgun and they make them for carbine rifles as well. Once installed correctly the gun clearly shows a red tip so you visually know your gun cannot fire a live round. I have about 500 hits through mine at this time and it is working flawlessly. If you wish to have effective practice check out Laser Ammos SureStrike L.A.S.R. Range.

LASR Practice

While at Laser Ammos booth we found another tool to use with the laser bullet to allow us the ability to define a target as well as record and time hits or misses. LASR

The L.A.S.R.: Laser Activated Shot Reporter allows you to set up real targets, define a hit zone and define differing courses of fire so your practice is timed and scored.

Here is a video from LASR,

So for a minor investment in the equivalent of 1,000 rounds of your favorite ammunition you can practice endlessly from the comfort of your home and on your own schedule.

Remember, failing to train is training to fail.
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