Sig Sauer’s New Striker Fired P320

On Thursdays I work for a friend in his gun store, Wild Bill’s Old West Trading in Elk Grove. It keeps me up to date on what is going on in the gun business, helps Branden move some guns since most of my students buy guns I recommend and it helps me get my name out to new students.

Last Thursday of July I walk in and start looking at the display cases so I will know where all the guns are located and I see the new Sig P320C in the display case, it had just come into the store. I pulled it out, broke it down, and manipulated all of the various functions and then . . . pressed the trigger. It was an immediate WOW! Cycle slide, press again checking reset length, very nice trigger. I took the gun into the office, asked the price and voila, filled out the paperwork because I’m getting a new tool for my school.

Unlike many people, I feel I need to put a gun through its paces before I can really evaluate it. 200 rounds is not going to get it done, I need at least 1,000 rounds, without cleaning, to see if it can hold up to a modest amount of abuse. At this point my P320C now has almost 3,000 rounds through it. I’ve shot almost every drill I know with the gun, thrown it in the sand at the range and basically tried to get it to fail, which it has not so . . . I’m sold, this is a great gun. AND it comes with forward serrations on the slide which I love.

Sig has designed this gun from the blank piece of paper to a finished tool designed for the armed professional. It fits my hand well and if it did not I could quickly change the frame to a size that would. One of the key features is the gun is modular. The serialized part is the metal trigger fire control housing assembly unit which can be removed and put into any P320 frame, full size, carry size and different grip sizes in both.

If I want to carry the gun I can change the caliber by simply changing barrel and slide. I like the dual caliber capability so I can practice with one caliber and carry a different one if I so choose. If I want a full size for competition or home defense that is also an easy change. One gun, three sizes, four calibers . . extremely versatile.

The Sig 320 comes standard with SigLite Nights Sights. It has an Ambidextrous Slide Stop. The Reversible, Triangular, Raised & Serrated Magazine Release allow for fast magazine changes and depending on your hand size you do not need to regrip the gun to do so. If you live in a state where you can use suppressors the P320 comes with Factory Threaded Barrels Available for both Full Size & Carry. The P320 field strips like most of the Sigs, lock slide, turn down the take-down lever and release slide . . you don’t have to press the trigger to strip the gun. As for safeties the P320 comes with a Striker Safety, Disconnect Safety, & 3-Point System Safety so the gun cannot fire without the trigger being pressed to the rear.

In terms of accuracy the P320 is clearly more accurate than I am but during a recent SDS Class we finished early and ran the students through the new FBI Q-course that I shot with them, getting a perfect score. To evaluate it a bit more I shot our CCW Q-course and again got a perfect score. I’m so impressed with the gun and will be adding it to my permit as soon as I am able.

Remember, failing to train is training to fail.
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