You’re Not Wyatt Earp and this isn’t the OK Corral

While scrolling through the Facebook newsfeed this morning I saw a couple of posts about “which gun should I” get/recommend/suggest. This is nothing new, I see these all the time, and then there are a hundred or so responses about each persons favorite toy, the obligatory argument over glock versus 1911, “get a .22 because you can shoot it more easily”, and really just an enormous amount of silliness about equipment.

On the last one I commented with “I suggest you find quality instruction first”. Of course no likes on that comment because NO ONE seems to even consider training. Why is that? Why do people think you can just pick up a gun and then magically you know what to do with the tool, and what to do in the violent encounter.

The gun is really my last consideration when it comes to self-defense. My training and practice revolves around tactical solutions to a violent encounter. In those frightening moments at the start of a confrontation I do not want to fall back on square range marksmanship training because it WILL get you killed. In that instance when the decision is made to use extreme violence to save your life or another, certain things must occur to give you the tactical advantage such as instantly moving to cover/concealment, moving yet again to a more favorable position all the while sending effective rounds into the target, FAST.

I guess my point, I find it excruciatingly frustrating that people worry more about the latest and greatest toy gun, or dogmatically sticking to the “Old Guys Tales” rather than focusing on training the mind to function in extreme stress.

I’m a member of the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network. They send out an eJournal each month which often has great interviews. This months offering “Lessons from Newhall Shooting Applied to Armed Citizens Today”. If you’re not a member I suggest looking into it as often the eJournal is worth the price of admission alone.

For those not familiar with the Newhall shooting, you should be if you carry a gun for self-defense.

Remember, failing to train is training to fail.
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