Shoot – Don’t Shoot

Unfortunately today bad things happen, but they always have. Today we seem to have a lower tolerance for some things and are far too accepting of other things.

In an unfortunate event in Cincinnati a young man pulled an airsoft gun on an officer and was shot as a result of his actions. If you’ve not seen today’s new airsoft guns you will be amazed at how they look exactly like the real thing . . . with one exception, they come with an orange plastic tip so people will know they are not a firearm. For whatever reason this young man had removed the ORANGE tip from the gun.

Also unfortunately today some people remove these orange tips or paint them black so the gun can be used to intimidate others or even commit an armed robbery. From prisons gang members are taught to paint the barrel of their guns orange so they will cause some to not fire on them first.

So imagine while on the way home from work your wife frantically calls you screaming that there is a man in the yard pointing a gun at her and your children. You floor the accelerator and are only a block away. As you pull up you see a young man in your yard with a gun tucked into the front of his pants. You approach with your carry gun in your hand and he pulls his gun . . . do you shoot or don’t shoot?

By the time you have thought about this answer had the gun been real you would have been dead. What choice do you have? Can you make the Shoot – No Shoot call?

Failing to train IS training to fail.
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