Neural Pathway Programming; AKA Unconscious Competence

Neural Pathway Programming; AKA Unconscious Competence is when you are on auto-pilot. Correct programming makes you safe, fast and accurate.

188434-635519943940870565_540x960_thumbWhere you aware that when you are cruising down the freeway in normal driving conditions you are often essentially in a hypnotic trance? Thanks to our subconscious perception and neural pathways for driving for us. In fact if we were to actually driving in a fully conscious state there would probably be more accidents as there is so much, perhaps too much, sensory data to process on the conscious level. Your subconscious mind is the key as it never takes a break, it never gets tired it just continues to process inputs and react based on what it has been programmed to perform.

When a professional athlete performs in a more or less surreal method they call it being in the zone. They are cognizant of what is going on around them but they are not focused on that, the mind is just performing what it has been programmed to do. DSC00231

During our Beginning class we talk about this programming for handling and shooting guns can be done best when we program our minds to do everything correctly. The Rules of Safety must be committed to subconscious memory so without thinking we always point the gun in the safest possible direction, that we always keep our finger off the trigger until we are shooting, that we know what the target is and what is beyond it. The same can be accomplished with the Fundamentals of Marksmanship. We commit to memory the correct grip and once done we do not have to consciously think about it, the grip just happens. Once the correct trigger press and reset are committed to memory we can learn to shoot very accurately, same with sight alignment and sight picture.

Learning to shoot while using economy of motion allows us to quickly get on target and make the shot, over and over. In the beginning learning everything correctly and practicing it relentlessly perfect will greatly increase our ability. But just like programming a computer, garbage in – garbage out, practicing imperfectly will take way more perfect repetitions to correct. Reprogramming is way more difficult than correct programming, thus one of the critical keys in taking training from the right instructor.

I’m currently reprogramming my trigger reset after taking a private lesson from a friend who is a top level IDPA shooter. I asked for help in getting faster and more accurate. I’m pretty fast and accurate for one shot out of the holster, still pretty fast for two and then things begin to drag. I was taught to trap the trigger after each shot and retraining myself to quickly get to the hard spot right after each shot is exceedingly difficult. My split times have been fairly consistently at 0.25 seconds and all I want is consistent splits at 0.20 seconds and you just cannot possibly know how difficult it is to change something that was ingrained with literally 100,000 rounds down range.

Garbage in – garbage out . . . save yourself some grief, avoid the garbage in. Life will be much simpler.

Failing to train IS training to fail.
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