Time for Training

You own a gun, for self-defense. Or you are going to buy a gun, for self-defense. The focus starts based on a need and then it seems to go awry, you don’t know how to shoot a gun safely or accurately BUT you have a friend or family member who is willing to teach PLUS there is the internet and none of them are professional firearms instructors.

.train1177The shooting sports industry is equipment driven, gun sales represent the highest percent of each dollar spent yet training and instruction represents the lowest amount spent. Why is that? If you were to go buy your first race car, clearly a dangerous tool to operate would you not consider learning how to drive correctly from a professional? Yet every year Americans buy $4 Billion dollars worth of guns and only spend $12 per person for training and instruction. Being in the business those numbers do not make any sense.

Self-defense is the use of force to counter an imminent threat of violence. Such force can be either armed or unarmed. In either case, the chances of success depend on a large number of parameters, related to the severity of the threat on one hand, but also on the mental and physical preparedness of the defender. If you are not prepared what will be your chance of success? Simply owning a gun does not mean you are prepared to defend yourself any more than owning a violin makes you musician.

Being prepared means being trained in a professional manner AND practicing your training on a regular schedule until that which you have learned becomes second nature and you can perform it without thinking about it. It also means continuing to train to improve on your skills on an ongoing basis. No, you are not a Special Operator preparing to conduct a mission BUT if you carry or own a gun for self-defense the end result is just the same, your life or your loved ones life will be at risk and if you fail in your mission life can possibly be lost.

If you’ve spent thousands of dollars for equipment, ammunition and other shooting related costs is it unreasonable to spend a few hundred annually for training? Going to the range, standing motionless shooting at a circle on a piece of paper is not training; at best it is practicing bad habits that will be so engrained in your memory and very difficult to unlearn. Learn correctly now. There are many qualified instructors out there and I have personally found I can learn something from almost all of them AND if that one thing I learned saved my life or another life it would be worth every penny I spent on it.

Training BudgetOR you can lock your gun up in the safe because you’re really not ready to defend yourself or others.

$9.95 Billion spent on guns and ammo annually.
Only 2.39% of that, $237 million, is spent on training.
$493 per shooter spent on shooting, $12 on instruction and training.

Failing to train IS training to fail.
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