Old Guys Tales (OGT) and Guns

I’ve been using this line for several years while teaching because it appears that many people still fall for the empirical statements about guns. For the most part when someone says this is the BEST, or the MOST ACCURATE gun ever or the MOST POWERFUL cartridge it is pretty much guaranteed they are giving an opinion and are most likely WRONG. Much of this wrong information is passed from those who write on forums/blogs on the internet and since they write on the internet they are self-pronounced experts. I teach the use of firearms, I do it a lot, almost four days a week all year long and I’m not an expert, just a well trained and practiced individual. With that experience I have seen a ton of guns, most chosen for all the wrong reasons and based solely on Old Guys Tales. There are literally hundreds of these OGTs and like most tales they need to be seen in the light of reality.

OGT: Women should carry tiny lightweight revolvers because they are light and simple and never, EVER fail.
Pink RevolverFACT: I find this OGT to be literally offensive to women because what the tale state is that women are weak and stupid. The fact is women can shoot pretty much any gun any man can with the proper knowledge and technique and as has been proven over and over in my classes the ladies are often much better students and shoot better than their male company. I can count on two hands the number of people I know who can perform defensive shooting drills effectively with a revolver. When the revolver fails, and eventually it will (Google “revolver cylinder lock failures”), you cannot fix it, the failure then becomes life or death if it happens when you need the gun to work. tap-stroke-200 It is a 200 year old design and the simple question you should ask yourself is, are there any 200 year old technologies you would bet your life on?

If you’re one of those OGT revolver believers try these drills and see how well you do.
Place one round in the gun. At 10 yards draw and fire three rounds into an 8” target in 6 seconds . . or if 10 yards is TOO much,
Place one round in the gun. At 7 yards draw and fire two rounds into an 8” target in 3.5 seconds.

Now tell us how a revolver is the best gun for women or for that matter anyone.

OGT: The .45 ACP is the BEST round and will literally knock people to the ground.
FACT: There are not ANY handgun rounds that will knock someone to the ground. It is a low pressure 100 year old designed cartridge. To be able to have enough energy to knock someone down the shooter would also be knocked down, simple laws of physics apply. The myth of the .45 was developed in WWI when it replaced the .38 Special and has been passed down for three generations. Due to the weight of the bullet it often has excessive recoil which hurts the shooter from getting subsequent rounds on target quickly. Put into a tiny, plastic semi-automatic it gets even worse. If you ask the ER Doc what caliber was the person shot with they will most likely tell you they have no idea because the damage is the same regardless of caliber. d722be689df41422f8e3d8cd3f34363e[1]

If you’re one of those OGT .45 ACP believers try this drill. At 7 yards draw and place two rounds in a 3” circle in 2.5 seconds. If you can do that on demand consider yourself in the top 5% of shooters in America.

OGT: Carry a gun you can hit with, even if it’s a .22 because a hit with a .22 is better than a miss with a larger caliber.
dsc03042FACT: This is a false argument often used by people who have had no training or real skills. Yes, certainly a hit is better than a miss however unless placed in the absolute perfect place the .22 is only going to really piss off that determined adversary. There are only two ways to stop the determined bad guy, a Central Nervous System hit or rapid blood loss. Unless you are in the top 1% of shooters in the world counting on a CNS hit is a lot like buying $20 worth of lottery tickets each week, it just never pays off. The best way to convince the BG to stop is to put as many rounds as possible, as fast as possible into the upper part of his/her chest and the bigger the wound the more rapid the blood loss. Generally speaking at some point the BG might decide to stop the aggression when they see blood spurting from their chest.

Get a gun of substantial caliber, 9mm, .40 S&W or .45 ACP. Take regular training from a professional instructor and practice . . . a lot. To test your levels of expertise try the Bill Drill. At 7 yards draw and fire six rounds into an 8” target in less than 3.5 seconds. If you miss try it again and then reconsider the fallacy of Old Guys Tales.

In the violent encounter from first shot to last shot is most often 2.5 seconds or less.

If you miss the BG keep in mind you own that bullet and are financially if not criminally liable for any damage it may do. One shot will not guarantee your survival and the odds are more in your favor if you increase distance from the BG. Shoot fast, be accurate and win the fight.

Failing to train IS training to fail.
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