Concealing a Gun

When we talk about concealing a handgun on our person often times people falsely believe the only gun they can hide are tiny sub-compacts when the reality is completely opposite. Yes on occasion based on how you are forced or desire to dress it is harder to conceal a larger gun but carrying a tiny gun that you cannot shoot well and that you do not practice with because it is uncomfortable limits your ability to use the gun effectively.

People falsely believe if their gun prints it is a violation of the law, aka brandishing, but that is not the case. Concealment means when a person observes you in a normal manner they do not see your gun.

During our class day of CCW Training I speak for an hour or so until the right time presents itself and I pull out a gun. I ask the class if they saw my gun. None of course did even though many say they were looking to see if I was carrying. I continue on with the class and in a few minutes I pull out another gun, then another, then another, another and even another. Often I will have six guns concealed on my person and do one say a single one and the class is shocked. The purpose of the exercise is that you can carry a gun and NO ONE will see it. Of the guns I carry, two are FULL size, two or three COMPACTS and a sub-compact or two.

I am trying to convince people to carry as large of gun as they can for the simple reasons, they will shoot it better, it will be more comfortable to shoot which means they will practice more and in the end they will perform better because no one wants to shoot more than a hundred rounds through a mouse gun because it hurts.

There is primarily one measurement when considering concealment and that is the height of the gun. Below is a list of several commonly carried guns with three measurements, height, width and height with extended magazine.

Gun SizesThe extended height is with magazine or finger extension. In all of the classes I’ve taught where these guns were brought by students ALL had installed extensions except for the Glock G26.

This is a graphical representation of the torso at the waist and the height and width of four guns, from sub-compact to full size. As you can see the guns in this representation are not significantly different in dimension as compared to when they are in your hand.

TorsoTorso 2













Many students who bring the little guns talk about conceal-ability yet in the end they are mostly looking at marketing material and what someone told them or sold them since what you are hiding is height, not length nor width.

In the end you will practice with what is comfortable and that you perform well with. If that is not your every day carry gun you should consider changing, one or the other.

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