Open Carry in Texas


No retention device

Texas Governor Abbott just signed open carry into law in his state. Only a handful of states do not allow open carry but the question I have is why would you want to.
Law Enforcement open carry and even though they represent the law people still try to take their guns from them, thus they have for the most part ACTIVE retention holsters. That retention device will keep the gun in the holster while being physically active but passive retention would suffice. Seriously, a determined adversary who wants that cops gun is going to go for regardless of consequence. It is said that during the struggle in Furgeson MO the bad guy did in fact try to take the LEOs gun and received a wound in the hand during that process. SO . . .


No retention device


Passive retention will not stop a determined assailant.

Why would you want to walk around with your gun exposed with nothing more than a snap strap to prevent some person with evil intent from trying to take you gun. I would much prefer no one know I have a gun on my person. Why tempt some guy much bigger than me, who has the ability to literally rip my head off with his bare hands.

In looking at pictures of citizens carrying openly the majority have nothing but friction retention. The few I found with active retention were snap straps or trigger guard buttons. And the question is, how quickly can the owner of that gun be able to defeat the retention device and get the gun into play . . . assuming they even practice their drawstroke other than at the range. Are you ready for the Safariland ALS retention system? It seems like a high price to pay in terms of accessibility just so I don’t have to wear a cover garment.


This is silly. The gun is not even in Condition One.


How easy would it be to disarm this person?

There is the argument that carrying open would allow people to dress as they like and to carry a bigger gun. Well guess what, that just sounds lazy. I have many students who carry full size. Ron and I carry full size often. No one sees our guns and I really have not changed how I dress.

While I support the idea that every one should legally carry and wish more did I personally am not interested in carrying open. I do not see how it benefits society on a whole because I believe one armed concealed carrying person is a greater force multiplier than one open carrying person. If the bad guys know there are people armed out there why should we make it easy for them to identify us.

Your thoughts on open carry?






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