So You Want to Shoot Better

I just finished my 1300th class yesterday. That is a lot of teaching and from each of those students I learn something that I can pass on to future and existing students. With all things about guns and self-defense I look for commonalities, things that are consistent usually mean they are working. In the case of teaching the commonalities I look for are failures. What is not working and why.

There are some consistencies in the inability to not hit the desired point of impact quickly that we can all learn from. I’m going to start from a different direction this time, rather than starting with our feet I’m going to start at the target and work back.

IMG_2036Why do we miss? Generally speaking, it starts with the trigger press. Notice I did not say trigger pull or squeeze. Words have meaning and when learning if we use words with the wrong connotation we end up learning something wrong. Press is a gentle action as compared to SQUEEZING or PULLING. This is not to say that you cannot press quickly but you can program your mind to press the trigger without jerking the gun all over. Check out the Wheel of Misfortune.

If your trigger breaks at precisely 6.5# if you program your mind to know what exactly 6.5#’s feels like when you need to press your mind can instantly apply those 6.5#’s, no more, no less. So here’s the question for you. How do you program your mind to know at what pressure your trigger breaks? I will give you a hint, it does not work if there is a round in the chamber. Too much pressure all at once, like shooting the gun and your rounds will go low and left if you are a right handed shooter. The absolute surest way to bullet proof your trigger press is to DRY press that trigger hundreds if not THOUSANDS of times. In this programming you MUST go as slow as you possibly can. You MUST have the front sight close to a wall so you can see the slightest downward movement of the front sight before the trigger breaks. If your sight dips before the trigger breaks you ARE applying too much pressure. Want to shoot more accurately? Program your mind to know your trigger PERFECTLY.

Challenge yourself, go shoot the Qual 1 target once or twice, record your score and then dry fire your gun for 10 minutes a day for thirty consecutive days. Go extremely slow, work hard to preclude any movement of the sights during the trigger press. In thirty days go back to the range and shoot the circles again. I guarantee there will be a marked improvement.

IMG_1902What I’ve learned in those 1300 days are people do not press the trigger correctly, they do not have a solid, strong grip AND they focus on the target rather than the front sight. Start small, work on the trigger until you can do it reliably accurately, fast . . . and excruciatingly slow dry fire is the only way you will program your mind correctly. Next time we will move on to your grip.


Failing to train IS training to fail.
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