Is Mediocre Good Enough?

If you carry a gun how good do you believe you need to be? World Class Competitor level? Competition level? Handgun Enthusiast level? Law Enforcement level? Public Range shooter level? How about I own a gun and that is good enough level?

Rate yourself.
3. Bad
4. Mediocre
5. Good
6. Very Good
7. Scary Good
8. Professional
9. Great
10. The Best

In improving it is really, really easy to go from FAIL to Mediocre. Taking those next steps to get to Good takes most people YEARS and YEARS of self-learning. Do yourself a favor, get a professional instructor to shorten that by YEARS.10933936_10153585737373902_7714202772995129757_n

I’m always shocked when I review the firearms industry as a whole when I look at how much money is spent on guns, ammo, gadgets and training. According to NSSF less than 1% of dollars spent goes to professional instruction.

Some folks will spend $2,000 on a new gun believing it will make them a better shooter yet they never take any training nor follow any kind of structured practice regime. How about a $500 reflex site and a machined slide to hold the site? Is that going to make you shoot better? If I buy that $350 green laser that will certainly make me shoot better right? If I get a gun with a different action, won’t that make me shoot better?Top IPSC new 1

Pretty much the answer to all of the above is NO, none of that equipment will make you a better shooter. I always tell people when you hear someone giving an empirical statement about guns and shooting you can pretty much just raise the BS flag right then because there are very few that hold true.

Shooting-Tip-Max-Michel-JrWant to become a better shooter? It really is easy. This is the shooting EMPIRICAL, learn how to manipulate the trigger without imparting movement to the gun. That is the essential truth to accuracy and speed. A new gun will not do that for you, neither will new sites, lasers or a different action type. What can make it happen is training with a professional instructor, tons of dry practice, focused live fire practice AND follow up training . . . then repeat. Decide where you want to be, what has to improve to get there, work on it and track your progress every time you test your skills.

12208408_10153290372931139_4804739264441240298_nBuying a Stradivarius will not make you a concert violinist, what it takes is a lot of perfect practice, learning what is not working and make changes, monitor your progress and constantly stretch yourself to do better. Basically it’s called it’s dressed in coveralls and is called work.

Failing to train IS training to fail.
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