You Sure Are Pretty

There is something pretty about a knife. Not sure what the attraction is exactly but I like them. I also know that I don’t like getting stuck with one and therefore I have much respect for them.

So, I’ve been looking for a new knife, something I could carry, and preferably a fixed blade knife. This of course has led to what seems like 100’s of websites and most all come back to knife fighting. Remember that is not where this started nor is it what I’m interested in, with perhaps the simple use of weapon retention. My concept on that subject has always been, if they don’t know you have a gun you won’t have to fight for retention.

Well I’ve found some beautiful knives but then I ran across KNIFE laws. Were you aware that there are laws regarding the carrying of knives? Concealed or open carry? The world has changed since I was a young man. Back then if you broke a law you were punished. Today it seems that if someone breaks a law the government wants to create a new law that punishes the rest of us . . . but that is the subject of another day.



These are very nice looking knives, I want one. They are from Dynamis Alliance, check their website.












During this search for knives of course I ran into a lot of blogs. I found this one, “Knife Fighting, A Reality Break” and the article struck me because I could apply the same thoughts to firearms training. Lots of good stuff to read at No Nonsense Self-Defense.

The source of violence is not poverty.
It is not gender. It is not race.
It is not lack of education. It is not society.
It is self-interest. And on this front,
the self-proclaimed pacifists are no less violent
than those who use physical violence… they
just use different methodologies and tactics.
Marc MacYoung

As with guns if you choose to use a tool for a weapon there is a ton of things you must know. You must have the correct mindset. You must know the laws. You must take training. You must practice frequently. If you’re not happy with the “Must-dos” then don’t, carry them.

Failing to train IS training to fail.
Liberty Firearms Training




A set of Principles

a)  there’s no reason to fight a fight that I don’t have to: know the true cost of what I’m fighting for

b)  if fighting, fight as hard as I can as fast as I can: shoot fast, hit first

c)  when fighting always put something between me and the hurt: distance, time, people, structures, etc

d)  while fighting, there’s always someplace better I can be: always work to improve my position

e)  once the fight is over, it’s not over: recognize I’m never done fighting

And now back to the beginning. There’s no reason to fight a fight I don’t have to….

People often mistake the tool for the solution.  For personal security the most tactically advantageous part of an engagement is disengagement.

Taking Ownership


Failing to train IS training to fail.
Liberty Firearms Training