A Busy Instructors Perspective

I refer to the blog as “A Busy Instructors Perspective” for a couple of reasons. First I am very busy, often getting close to 200 days per year teaching. In America, most instructors are part-time, they have other jobs and might teach 24 days a year. A busy instructor in my market does less than 100 days per year.


Practicing the reload

There is a huge difference between being a good shooter and being a good instructor. NO ONE goes into this business at the top of their instructor ability, to get there they must hone their craft and they do that by teaching, a lot. I guess you could make an analogy with a surgeon. Would you prefer a surgeon operate on you who does 75 surgeries a year or the one who does 200 a year? My belief is you get better the more you do something AND you get busier because people believe you to be the best.

Secondly, as in the paragraph above I have given you my perspective, my point of view or my opinion. If you read much by instructors, gun writers or the internet gun “experts” I hope you find it refreshing that I start upfront by telling you this is my perspective whereas most people who write/blog/talk about guns don’t tell you it’s their opinion, they tell you it is gospel, their opinion is empirical, cast in concrete and factual. Well I hope you understand most of that stuff is crap, someone’s opinion and in most instances, they are selling something, perhaps because they are not busy and need the business. TeachingIn over 1,400 classes taught in just over 8 years I do have a couple of empirical facts to offer you. First, I’ve never met a person who could not aim a handgun perfectly at defensive distances. Secondly, if a person misses what they are aiming at the reason is ALWAYS their shooting hand moved the gun right before the gun discharged. You can take those two facts to the bank. Far too much energy and dollars are wasted on this “aiming” business. Think of all the various trick sights that are sold annually. What about all those 1911’s sold because the person has not learned how to work a trigger? Or the myriad of triggers and lasers and endless gadgetry that promise to make you shoot better overnight. It’s not your aim people, it’s your shooting hand. Imagine if you spent the same amount annually on quality training, imagine how good you could get.

So, there are my credentials. I’m not some super-duper tacticool ex-police officer, “high level” competitor or the crafty HSLD special operator. Liberty Firearms Training is not about me it is about you.

Perfect practice with a coach

Focus on the student

You should not be impressed with how well I shoot in a class, you should be impressed with how well you shot after your class with me. If you aren’t impressed I did not do my job to the best of my ability. That means I’m going to need more training from the best instructors in the business such as Dustin Salomon – Owner, Innovative Services and Solutions or with my good friends at SIG SAUER Academy. I am simply a professional, full-time firearms instructor at the top of my game but intend on getting a lot better before it is over.

If you have not taken high quality training from a professional instructor, you have no idea what you are missing or how quickly your skills can improve. Our instruction is mostly done individually and we bundle classes which offer our students both quality and value.

Love What You Do

I love doing this

We will custom create a group class for you and your friends or a week of instruction for you utilizing the best techniques of neural pathway programming helping you to move your skills and knowledge more quickly to your subconscious memory.

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