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“It's not always being fast or even accurate that counts, it's being willing. I found out early that most men, regardless of cause or need, aren't willing. They blink an eye or draw a breath before they pull the trigger - and I won't.” –– J. B. Books "The Shootist"

Jean Pagnone

Jean Pagnone

How did you become interested in firearms training and in particular focusing on women?
Most people assume that I grew up with guns or that I have been shooting for a long time. The truth is that I purchased my first gun just a few years ago. Once I began to pursue training, I realized that I was hooked. It still feels like a man's world sometimes and I know for a lot of women, those first few steps in the world of firearms can be a bit intimidating. When I began my journey, I had often times wished that I had had a girlfriend who was there beside me, so being that person who helps women get comfortable with handling guns was a natural choice for me. Passing on gun skills to women has become something that I pour my heart into. We may be targets, but we don't have to be victims.

Why did you choose to work with LFT?
I enjoy shooting, but I really appreciate vision, passion, and quality training. I love that the people behind LFT are always thinking ahead in terms of what will be most beneficial to their students and that they pursue the most effective means of teaching.

How does firearms training mesh with your previous accomplishments?
Motto #1 - Never let failure take control of you. Self-doubt and fear of failure plague us all at one time or another. If I've learned anything, it is that perseverance means walking forward, no matter how small and slow those steps may be. Motto #2 - A sense of humor is critical. Because if you can't laugh at yourself as you're working towards your goals, you just end up feeling sorry for yourself and that doesn't get anyone anywhere.

What benefit does your organization provide to your community?
I just recently read that, "You have control over whether you're trained to protect yourself and those around you". I believe that is the most basic benefit. The more training you have, the more experience you have, the better the decisions you'll make. We are empowering gun owners - new and old - with confidence. What we need in our communities are knowledgeable and responsible gun owners.

What one thing do you consider critical in your method of teaching?
Patience is critical in teaching. Some of the best teachers I've had possessed that trait and it makes a huge difference. I think we learn best when we are taught by someone who is approachable and willing to take the time to make sure that we understand the material.

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Certified Defensive Pistol Instructor - Liberty Firearms Training

CA DOJ Certified Firearms Instructor

Distinguished Expert - Handgun
NRA Markmanship Qualification

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