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Tim B., USMC 1stSgt Retired, CCW Renewal,May 2015

In my career as a United States Marine and former New Hampshire Police Officer and NTOA Basic SWAT Operator, the training in defensive shooting I received from Ron Givens and Liberty Firearms Training was superior to any and all others!

Linda J., Beginning Pistol, November 2014

LFT was a great experience, not having any training before I feel confident that this class for the beginner was perfect. Guy took great care to pass on his knowledge of the history of the hand gun as well, as explaining the proper use of the different guns available. I would definitely take additional classes from LFT.

Scott D., CCW Training, October 2014

I recently took the 16 hour CCW training class with Guy. I found Liberty Firearms Training through a Google search when I first started looking around for folks that do this sort of thing. LFT had great reviews so I shot them an email inquiry on the course and pricing. I got back a very lengthy and thorough description of the class and the price to take it from Guy. I was very impressed with the opportunity to have one on one firearm instruction for the whole day so I booked the class.

The first day consisted of an 8 hour indoor classroom setting with Guy and 2 other classmates. We pretty much went over all of the legal and situational aspects of the CCW Permit. There was a lot of interactive Q and A throughout the day, I learned a lot more than I thought I would.

The second day was the day at the range, Guy pretty much got a feel for how much I Knew and didn't know right off the bat, told me the rules of the range and away we went. We started out with the basics, a slow draw from the holster to fire, by the end of the day I was drawing from the holster running and firing at multiple targets... So much fun. Guy goes through every situation you could possibly think plus some. I can tell you by the end of the day you are flat wore out, I think I shot somewhere around 600 rounds.

I would highly recommend using LFT and guy as your instructor, I look forward to taking his more advanced courses.

Miriam L., CCW Training, September 2014

Are you small, old & female? Concerned with defending yourself if a thug gets in your home? Take the basic handgun course from LFT. You ll gain knowledge, skill, confidence, & motivation to practice practice practice with your new handgun. Concerned when you ve parked your car at the mall, or when you re running, or walking your dog on the American River Bike Trail? Apply for the CCW & take the required 16-hour course offered by LFT: Heaps of knowledge, & big jump in skills. Guy Auxer s attention to every detail of safe gun handling, observation, accuracy, speed, & good judgment, all tempered by his patience & good humor, make this course a winner whether you get the CCW or not. My next goal: advanced personal defense at LFT. I ll still be a little old lady, but...

Steve D., CCW Training, July 2014

Without a doubt, the most comprehensive helpful lesson yet. He corrected my grip, sight picture issue and gave me a good sound base from which to begin increasing my skill level. Very professional and knowledgeable instructor. Highly recommended.

Tim T., CCW Training, August 2014

I just completed my CCW training with Guy Auxer. I'm very grateful for the excellent training, guidance and coaching I received. Guy is truly a well-qualified, well-trained knowledgeable and patient professional. My friend just qualified in Solano County. He was trained in a group setting by a Solano County SWAT team member. We visited last night and my friends training sounded good but not nearly as comprehensive and thorough as the Liberty Firearms Training I received from Guy Auxer. Carrying a concealed weapon to be ready for possible usage is an enormous responsibility. That's why I am grateful that I trained with the best. Thank you very much Guy Auxer.

Simon O., Beginning Pistol, July 2014

Guy has to be one of the most professional firearms instructors I have worked with to date. He is calm, relaxed and puts people at ease, especially in the area of stepping back into handgun shooting after many years absent. At the same time, he is observant and safety focussed, ensuring you remember where the weapon should stay pointed.

Liberty Firearms initial training exposes participants to a wide variety of handguns, allowing the trainee to decide what he or she finds most comfortable. Guys also has some significant historical information around the tools he teaches you to use, which he imparts in an easy-to-understand and informative manner.

I would sincerely recommend Liberty Firearms Training and Guy to any seriously interested person(s), and I will be undertaking more training from Guy in the future.

Stuart H., Beginning Pistol, February 2014

I took the beginning pistol course with Mr. Auxer recently and was thoroughly impressed. It was an absolute pleasure to be instructed by someone as knowledgeable, experienced, patient, approachable, engaging, and good-humored as Guy.

George K., CCW Training, February 2014

Thank you again for a terrific CCW class. The classroom portion was both informative and thought provoking, while the "live fire" portion offered challenging skill sets and scenarios that were eye-opening to say the least. I feel it provided me with a freat foundation to build upon.

It also made for an enjoyable day without losing sight of the serious nature of CCW training.

I'll look forward to some advanced training with you in the future.

Randal N., CCW Renewal, March 2014

Thank you Guy, I cannot imagine how your course could be more professional or safer, and as a NRA member and gun enthusiast since I was 13, I learned more today in four hours than all my years prior, thank you for the excellent quality of your training.

Jeff C., CCW Renewal, January 2014

I took the CCW renewal course yesterday with Guy. I have been an avid shooter for fifty years and I learned things I never knew. Guy took me outside my comfort zone in a low pressure and fun way. Guy brings the level of training just slightly above your ability and encourages you to reach the next level. If your interested in serious training, Guy with Liberty Firearms Training is the one.  The best part is this is one on one training, just you and the expert. One other thing, don't be afraid to bring plenty of ammo because you will need it. This training is all trigger time. Bottom line was I improved my skill level dramatically on my primary carry weapon. Worth every penny.

Michael Z., Stockton, Basic Pistol, August 2012

With three sons in the US Military and no experience with firearms at all myself, I wanted to learn about handguns, shooting technique and especially safety at the ripe old age of 55. So, I just spent an amazing day in the Basic Pistol and Training course with Guy from Liberty Firearms Training out at the Sacramento Valley Shooting Center. We set up camp in a private bay under a nice pop-up awning.

Guy goes well beyond the NRA basics to give you a customized training - my class was one on one.  His relaxed demeanor makes you feel like you are at the range with a friend.   I was very comfortable asking the questions, and he was very patient and obviously well schooled and practiced in his profession.  His enthusiasm and knowledge gave me a much deeper understanding and appreciation for firearms and the hands on practice with every gun from a 22lr all the way through a 44 Magnum with coaching on proper stance, grip, trigger squeeze etc, really helped me zone in on the firearm I want to buy,. (That was a great help)

I then selected a caliber and we went into training mode. The "proper technique" coaching is invaluable. I was nailing the target. And when I missed right-left high-low he gave reasons, made small corrections and bingo. Like a golf swing, only this I could actually do.

He smiled when I also asked him to go over gun store and shooting range etiquette.. Primarily, so I could avoid the rolled eyes, but secretly I am hoping to get a better deal from a sales person who doesn't look at me as a easy mark. :)

If you are looking for a professional, relaxed and well thought out training course - this is the one.

On the way home from the course I texted my son (Army) and told him, "Okay---I totally GET IT now. This is cool." He texted back, "Awesome, huh?" Yep! Thanks Guy.

Julie B., Sacramento, Basic Pistol & CCW, June 2012

Shooting a handgun for the very first time was very intimidating and overwhelming for me. Thank you Guy for helping me approach this unchartered territory comfortably, safely and most importantly at my own pace. I would recommend your training course to anyone who is interested in embracing firearm training in order to more safely protect themselves and their family. Thank you Guy for helping me gain the confidence and skill set to exercise my rights as a citizen and protect myself!

Michele E., Sacramento, Basic Pistol, May 2012

As a single woman wanting to learn the basics about handling a gun and safety, I felt the beginners class delivered what I was looking for and much more. I found that the class was extensive while being fun and was delivered in a professional manner. Guy even took necessary time to make sure I was familiar with my own gun. I would not hesitate to take this class again and would highly recommend it to any beginner or person needing to brush up on their skills.

Sally G., Citrus Heights, Basic Pistol, May 2012

I was very pleased with Guy's instruction. He was thorough and patient. It was a very productive day for me.

He communicates well with women and never makes you feel like you shouldn't be there.

He communicated well and never made me feel that I didn't belong there. Other gun people sometimes do thatand talk down to women.

I have been in gun shops where the manager made me feel like he was doing me a great favor to let me come in the door. I will not go back there.

Kathy M., North Higlands, Basic Pistol, March 2012

I am so grateful I took the basic pistol class from Guy. To be honest, I was more than a little intimidated as I've NEVER held or fired a gun. Guy was very patient and respectful as I learned the basics. He did not "talk down" to me and let me fire all the powerful higher caliber weapons. I learned so much from this class, and I highly recommend it! Worth every penny!

Gina M., Elk Grove, Basic Pistol & CCW December 2011

I highly recommend Guy Auxer for your firearms training. My husband and I hope to continue our training with Guy in the future. Guy is able to share his knowledge of situational awareness to the daily tasks women perform where we are just so focused on a task, or our children, or talking on the phone, or walking down the street listening to music, etc. and not paying attention to potential threats. I am now more aware of my surroundings so that I can respond appropriately if necessary.

Additionally, Guy worked with me on problems with my vision and a weak wrist and hand from injuries and arthritis. He was very patient and deliberate in trying to find out exactly what my problem was. I had never shot a firearm before, so he started my training slowly and gradually helped build my confidence through repetition and praise. He is very knowledgeable about concealed carry options for women, the appropriate concealed carry weapons, and anything and everything to do with firearms.

Andrew K ., Fair Oaks, CCW, April 2011

If your goal is to get your card punched for the CCW training then Guy is not for you. If your goal is to be confident in your ability to properly address any situation that arises while carrying then Guy should be your only option. From the legal and practical aspects of the CCW to the more difficult questions of how your life may change if you are required to use lethal force to protect yourself or someone you love, Guy's class will prepare you to be thoughtful, competent and confident while carrying. There is no substitute for one-on-one training particularly when there could be so much at stake. He was flexible with scheduling and location of training. I was so impressed with his teaching ability and patience I am having my wife take a class on gun safety and use from him next week. He continues to be a great resource on everything from holsters and carry guns to recent events or carrying in other states. I give Liberty Firearm Training my highest recommendation.

Joe L., Folsom, CCW, March 2011

I have to tell you, I was extremely impressed with Mr Auxer's CCW coursework, classroom and live fire training. He opened my eyes to my well over 30 years of shooting bad habits, incorrect techniques, and he instantly improved my shooting accuracy in just one day of instruction. For those considering using Mr Axer's services for their CCW training, do note that his CCW course is completely 1:1 private session...meaning you get his full attention and you have the opportunity to have full interaction in your instruction.

After completing the live fire training and CCW shooting proficiency test, I have to tell you, I was completely wiped out. I dont belive I've ever shot that much in one day in my life, but I'd have to say, it was the one day that I was shooting the most accurate ever in my life.

And learning the legal aspect and responsiblities of being a CCW permit carry was made very clear to me. Attemping to learn the CCW laws in this State of CA,on your own, is a huge challenge. I learned a lot about what I really did not know --Federal and State laws, liabililty laws, etc, most of which most folks believe that they already have a clear understanding. Dont fool yourself, you dont unless you are an attorney or an CCW instructor. I look forward to taking Mr Auxer's advanced CCw class, when he makes it available.

Rob A., Elk Grove, CCW, March 2011

Recently I was in search of a qualified program to fulfill the Sacramento County CCW requirements. I have observed "other" classes which appeared to be an assembly line working overtime and over budget. Mr. Auxers one on one approach made me feel comfortable yet focused. The firing line was always safe. I am usually worried about the guy training next to me unsure of his competence; I had nothing to worry about here.

Mr. Auxers portable classroom was state of the art and he is very knowledgeable. What struck me most about the delivery of instruction was the sheer passion of Safe Gun Ownership. Mr. Auxers resume is very credible and heroic. Its easy to listen to the man who has "been there and done that."

The statement "you get what you pay for" does not apply to Liberty Firearms Training. I strongly believe that "you get more than you pay for" with Mr. Auxer. God forbid that I ever must use my pistol, but if I must I feel confident the training I "PAID FOR" will be priceless!

If you just want to get by with the cheap assembly line training I am sure you can find a course with ease. If you are looking for the real deal spend the extra few dollars.

Jerry B., Lodi, CCW, April 2011

My brother and I recently completed CCW training with Guy Auxer from Liberty Firearms Training. Both the classroom training and the live firearms training were exceptional. I have over 35 years of experience with firearms and I came away from the training impressed and pleased with what I learned during the 16 hours of training. Guy is organized and professional in his classroom training and extremely safety conscious during the live fire exercises.

I highly recommend Guy and Liberty Firearms Training to anyone looking for a professional to provide personalized firearms training.

Dr. Roy B., Sacramento, CCW, May 2011

Your class was a bargain! I learned more in 2 days with you than 2 other handgun classes and months spent reading and shooting ammo on my own. It was fun, exciting, and exhausting! My wife enjoyed every minute! Thanks!

Charlene J., Sacramento, CCW, June 2011

Thanks for the Awesome class yesterday. You’re a great Instructor and made the class fun. I enjoyed your presentation of the laws, legal issues and the situational examples. There is a heck of a lot more involved in the CCW process then I realized. Yikes. I have to admit there were a couple of times I questioned myself if I really wanted to go through with this, then I thought….Hell Yeah! Times have changed as you know, the population of “dangerous” idiots is increasing at an alarming rate.

I should have my new pistol I’ll be using for the CCW permit by the next time I see you on June 8th. Russ seems to be fine with me getting a new one. He thinks he will now get My Sig. Ha ha. No way. It’s my first pistol and I love it!

Jules A., Sacramento, Basic Pistol, April 2011

I just wanted to send a quick note to tell you how much I enjoyed my lesson in firearms. You are an engaging, thorough and knowledgeable instructor. I felt very comfortable and at ease which always makes learning easier. I know you’ve taught hours and hours of classes but at no time did you make me feel like just a paycheck. I think the thing I appreciated most was the confidence you imparted to me as a woman being able to handle any gun I choose to own. I enjoyed hearing about Donna’s proficiency and the capabilities she seems to have acquired so quickly.

It was a great joy to come home and show my plates to my husband and then chatter his ear off about everything I learned. He was suitably impressed and proud. I’m so happy to have another common interest/hobby with my partner and be able to speak his language.

I know I have many hours of practice and thousands of rounds to shoot before I become competent with my weapon, thanks for getting me started the right way!

Nancy F., Sacramento

I had a wonderful experience yesterday. Your calm manner, excellent teaching skills and mastery of knowledge was perfect for my needs in gaining a new skill. Guns have always been scary to me. However, understanding how it all works has taken way the scariness and changed it to respect. I have to laugh - my husband was impressed that you had me fire a 44 magnum (even though that did scare me!). I was impressed that I was able to gain solid basic skills that I will always use. You website gave the impression that your training program was a safe, understanding place for a woman new to shooting, and that was definitely my experience! Thank you for that.

I also really appreciate the extra time you spent with me. It was a long day, but worth it. I'm looking forward to continuing to increase my skills! Thanks for the positive feedback and the links for more knowledge.

I told my husband about the Personal Protection classes you have. He is also interested in them. We're both going out of town this month so maybe towards the end of the month or the beginning of next month would be a good time. We'll get in touch for more details in the future.

I did want to ask you about the Sig Sauer gun I liked so much - can you give me more details on it? It was my favorite and I may be looking for one!

Thank you! Nancy

Joel R., San Jose

Thank You for the awesome training class. Your training has improved my marksmanship by 200%. I'm more confident in my shooting and have a better understanding of what a responsible gun owner should be. My wife and I both loved the one on one training and think that one on one training is vital for anyone who wants to be a gun owner. Please keep up the good work and we'll see you next time for a more advanced class.

John F., Sacramento

Much appreciation to Guy and Donna: I got lots of value from the Basic Pistol course. They took me from intimidated and clueless to competent, knowing how to keep myself safe, and with lots of shots in the center of the target.

Josh T., from Berkeley

Guy and Donna were dedicated, engaging, and effective. Instruction was top notch. I learned much more than expected and highly recommend their comprehensive course.

Michael C., Dutch Flat, CA

I went to Liberty Firearms Training for pistol training for 2 important goals: First to get myself retrained because it had been 10 years since I had used my guns; and secondly I wanted my daughter and grandson to know how to handle and shoot guns, for safety and for self defense. I did not believe that I could provide this training myself, I needed help.

My grandson is 11 years old and had never shot a gun, and he was my greatest concern. Donna worked with my grandson and took him from a place of fear to a place of fun where he later asked when he could shoot again, and could he shoot different types of guns.

Guy and Donna were great working with the whole family.

Thank you Liberty Firearms Training, and thank you Guy and Donna.

Craig B., from Elk Grove

I sincerely apologize for this very late email. However, I did want you to know that I valued the course very much. The quality of instruction and openness for questions was refreshing. Yourself and Donna provided a warm and comfortable atmosphere that made learning stress free.

Thanks again,

(note from LFT, Craig has a really great Weaver stance and shoots lights out, really good for a beginner)

Jim P ., from Modesto

My wife and I are both brand new shooters. We just took the Basic Pistol class with Guy Auxer. A good investment and money well spent! We decided to take a class before we learned too many bad habits. Guy is a great coach who took us through all the basics. If you are trying to introduce a new shooter (maybe a wife or a girlfriend. or a husband or a boyfriend) who's a bit nervous then Guy is a great choice. He has a lot of patience and will take all the time you need to learn the skills. We got to shoot a bunch of different guns. A full day and an excellent class!

Dawn C., (Dawn will be entering a Law Enforcement Academy in the near future)

The instructors at Liberty Firearms Training (Guy & Donna) are some of the best teachers I have ever had the privilege of working with. I had no previous experience with firearms and they made me feel comfortable and confident with my abilities with a firearm. Due to their extensive knowledge of all aspects of firearms, I was able to improve drastically in just one day. Their teaching techniques and their encouragement made this a wonderful experience. I am definitely going to continue using Liberty Firearms Training in the future and I have recommended them to all of my friends.

David F., Lieutenant Colonel, USAF, Retired

Not since my military training have I been through a more thorough, professional and comprehensive training program. Guy and Donna at Liberty Firearms Training, with decades of experience, get you ready. Multimedia classroom sessions. Tons of hands-on dry practice. One-on-one until you get it right. And a tremendous shooting range experience make it a class everyone should take. Confidence improves, skills improve, marksmanship improves. All conducted in a no-threat, no nonsense environment. You must do this.

Kristin Anthony

Thank you very much for the excellent, thorough instruction that you imparted in yesterday's class. I went into the class with apprehension and came out feeling exhilarated and empowered. Exhilarated because I had so much fun safely shooting at the range that I can now look forward to a hobby of target shooting! I feel empowered because I know that I can safely defend myself from dangerous predators with continued practice. I appreciate all of the generous time that you spent with me on the phone before the class when I had questions about the class and the process of learning to safely fire a pistol. I am so glad that I finally took the first step in learning how to use handguns in self-defense and that I chose Liberty Firearms Training to assist me in achieving that goal. Please continue the good work that you do so that others may benefit as I have.

Terry Lee , Retired

If you're new to firearms and want to feel comfortable loading, holding, and shooting this is the course for you. The instructors are first rate and they walk you through every step of the way. I feel totally at ease after taking their course.

Scott Radwan, Computer Industry

Guy & Donna, I can't tell you enough how satisfied I am with the Basic Shotgun class yesterday. Thank you for gearing it towards tactical shotgun. I accomplished everything I hoped to get out of the class. The $200 for the course is the best money I've spent. Anyone purchasing a firearm for the first time should take your class. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Chris R ., Semiconductor Industry

Have to say, we really enjoyed the class. Some things that were really nice is that we practically had private lessons. Having access to the wide variety of guns to handle both before shooting and during shooting was really nice as well.

I think it really helped Vicki to have the male/female team as instructors, plus the extra instructions for her at the range.

Jason F., Internet Business

I took the basic shotgun class, taught by Guy Auxer. Guy was respectful, knowledgeable, and adaptable to his students, as well as an excellent coach. The material is perfect for someone new to a shotgun; and even new to shooting. This class was an excellent investment towards my learning how to do things right (versus from my friends). Thanks!

Ric G., Teacher

My son and I just took the NRA Basic Pistol Course from Guy and Donna. I had a small amount of prior experience with firearms, my son almost none. Guy and Donna did an outstanding job of presenting the material in a very easy to understand, sequential manner. By the end of the day, my son and I had learned how to safely handle a pistol, how to load and unload, had lots of experience actually firing guns, and learned how to properly clean a gun.

I would highly recommend that anyone interested in learning the correct, safe way to handle a gun should take a course from Guy and Donna. They are extremely professional, patient and effective teachers.

Tony G., College Student

Very relaxed environment, easy to understand. I would take a more advanced course and recommend a friend.

Camille M ., College Student

Fun and educational, I feel much more knowledgable and ready to purchase and operate a firearm.

Debi M., Homemaker

I recently attended a Basic Pistol class and am very pleased not only with my new skills and confidence but the classroom portion prepared me well for what was to come on the range.

Prior to this I had never fired a pistol and Guy was very patient in getting me comfortable with the guns, how to load and unload and how to deal with unexpected events like jams. I felt ready to go when we got to the range the next day.

I am not sure if I will pursue further instruction but I intend to keep practicing. Thanks Guy, the Sig you recommended is great.

Dan M., M.D.

My wife and I recently took a basic pistol class and both of us really enjoyed the experience as well as the results. My wife had not shot at all before and she was doing very well at the end of the class. I shoot occasionally but I learned a lot from the class and my accuracy is way better than before. Now that my wife is shooting I think we will be shooting more often.

These guys are really good at working with someone who has never fired a pistol before.

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